Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Hi there. This new Lost Eyeway web incarnation will hopefully last much longer than the previous one. I've been testing everything possible, available, cheap or expensive, self-hosted or as-a-service, for more than a year. Many were good, but none had all the features I wanted. Until Koken. I tried early beta versions, it was promising, and ultimately became what I was waiting for. Hosted at Gandi's cheap PaaS it looks like an excellent alternative to everything else I've tried. 

I hope to make available, over the months, some of the pictures I shoot and have been shooting here and there. Sometimes things will end up blogged in the "Live" or "Blog" section, sometimes a single picture will go to a specific album because I feel like it, sometimes a full set might be published.

I still don't know how everything will shape, topics, categories, tags etc., I don't know. The important bit is that the website is back online with endless possibilities. 

And my beloved Fuji X100 has finally been fixed (blocked aperture blades wide open after f/5.6), so content might flow in quickly. And there's years and years of stuff to sort, organise and publish. 

So: welcome!